Here’s the full list of all the artists on our roster:

$wank Sinatra (hip hop music) – @theeaglesfan_10
2-Byte (Electronic classical fusion) – @iDon'tUseTwitter
5 Ton Bruiser (Rock, circus folk) –
5klip (Lit,Turt,Money) – @5klip
5klip (Money,,Grind,,Hustlw) – @5klip
5klip (Money...Turnt...Grind) – @5klip
907Britt (original acoustic americana) – @907Britt
A.S. Swanski (krautrock, synthpop, alternative) – @asswanski
Aarni (Pnakotic holotropic musick) – @Doomintroll
Aaron Porter Band (Indie Folk Rock) – @AaronPorterBand
AB (Deep Music) – @AB
AB Appalla Bhaskar (Deep Music) – @
AB Appalla Bhaskar (Deep Music) – @appallamusic
Abbie Daley (Emerging Pop Singer) – @AbbieDaleyMusic
accidental turret (noise, loud, improving) – @nobrelmes
Ace Cartis (upbeat, artistic, unique) – @br1mar1e
Ad Fontes (Garage Rock/Punk) – @DjBuyze
Adam James Cooper (Strange folk) – @Sorry, no twitter name!
Adam Zachary psrker (Soul pop unique ) – @Adam parker
Addi Wingate (some guitar voice) – @xoxoaddi
Adeline Yeo (Beautiful, Relax, Soothing) – @adelineyeo108
Adeline Yeo (Beautiful, Relax and Soothing) – @adelineyeo108
Adrian Clark (frustratingly erratic procrastination) – @adrianclark
AERARIS (Trance, Progressive House) – @DJAERARIS
Ahmaad Aspen (Pop, R&B, Country, Rap) – @AhmaadAspen
Aidrian Novion (funky melodic experimental) – @aidriannovion
airnaud (Minimal, Trance, House) – @bigs75
AJ (Emotive, Expressive, Energy) – @ajherget
Aj Anderson (Instramental Procussion ) – @AjAnder420
Aj LaGambina (Acoustic, Skramz, Emo) – @Earth2Aj
Akchopa (I'm the best ) – @Yaboi_chopa6
Alan Smithee (Alternative rock hypnotysm) – @Alansmithee5
Alas, My Intentions (Melodic Post Hardcore) – @lawlocaust69
Alberto Rigoni (Progressive Rock Fusion Solo Bass) – @albertorigoni
Alexander Peppler (Catchy Folk Country) – @Alexander Peppler
Alfie Monroe (different catchy moon ) – @AlfieMonroe
Alfie Monroe (different catchy moon ) – @alfiemonroe
Ali (Rock Pop noise) – @AlisonMcMahon2
allen wentz (anything may happen) – @allenwentz
Alun Vaughan (Assorted instrumental musings) – @alunvaughan
Amanda Durlak (I don't know) – @AmandaDur1D
Amnesia (Gut busting Metal) – @AmnesiaBand1
Amos (Pop love painful) – @harowwwld
Amy Fitz Doyley (Jazzy, Soulful, Alternative) – @AmyFitzDoyley
analogue. (Paintings of Soundscapes) – @austinGlassco
andre.W (Undie Anti-Concrete) – @mindundermotor
Andrew Clayton (keyboard elevator music) – @notejuste
Andrew Dubber (spoken word stuff) – @dubber
Andy Halsey (Listen and Learn) – @andyhalsey
Andy Roberts (Acoustic Folk Songwriter) – @aroberts
ANDY WALKER (Classic Vocal Jazz , contemporary jazz, Soul Jazz, ) – @Andywalker2010
andyx (Folk rock pop) – @Andyxdavies
another cultural landslide (Post-Genre.) – @anothercultland
Anthony Tesla (Beck without sanity) – @EscritorEnojado
Apaulable (noise. electronica. prog.) – @apaulable
Appalla Music (Deep Melodic Cool) – @Appalla Music
APStH (Rap, Spoken Word) – @apsthrappa
Archi Deep ( Himself !) (Psycho rock christian) – @archideep
Ardie Collins (Jangly Folky Nonsense) – @ardiecoll
ariel digit (funny electric acustic) – @andrew barclay
Artemis (Dreamt up songs) – @artfly
Aryeona Gain-Melton (Beautiful Fun Cool) – @AryeonaOfficial
Ashwin Sridhar (Tuned) – @ashwin_sridhar
Astro (beep beep boop) – @DiamondGamer_YT
AURIEMMA (Mellow Acoustic Madness) – @INDIEAURIEMMA
Aurora At Night (Pop-Punk Melodic Progressive-Metalcore) – @AuroraAtNight
Äus (Dance Indie Pop) – @AusRevamped
Avacate (Alternative rock //electronic) – @No twitter
Avridora7 (Hard Gansta Rap) – @
Away With The Faeries (Folk, sort of.) – @@AWTFaeries
Awrap (Inspiring, passionate,enthusiastic ) – @@awrapstar
B BOY (very very cool) – @Boitumelo Tladi
B BOY (very very cool) – @BoitumeloTladi
B-Mon3Y (From my heart ) – @Bmon3y313
B-Type (rap 8bit wierd) – @btypemusic
B. Ross (It is loud) – @Shamar Hopkins (shamarhopkins01)
babby daddy (fukin great noise) – @babby daddy
Badass Clizzy (yesssssssss) – @clizzy_badass
Badass Clizzy (Skilled, Best, Rapper,) – @clizzy_badass
Badass Clizzy (Official ) – @CokeWaveClizzy
Bando (Piece of Art) – @usteamBando
Bando Liberace (unqiue talented and different) – @BandoLiberace
Bardd (Medieval Acoustic Rock) – @bardd2000
Barnaby Tremayne (tasteless unique noise) – @barnabytremayne
BB (fly) – @theylove.ari
BDR (Original Electronic Music) – @BDRinTAMPA
Beast (Hip-Hop, Grime, R&B) – @PianomanV
Beautiful Monster (Crazy, Inspirational, Fun) – @OffiBMonster
Bedraggled (70s 80s covers) – @Jamieghosty
Before The Storm (Visceral electro pop) – @whatthehowthe
Bella (Beautiful, Simple, Perfect) – @Bella Bordelon
Belt Music Army (Flow, different, and truth) – @beltmusicarmy
Ben Landis (Addiction Pop Chiptune) – @thebenlandis
Benjamin Ellis (electric gospel goodness) – @benjaminellis
Bernie (Chapman Stick Sounds) – @bernielandry
big m boys (noise to ears) – @@percyk7
big m boys (noise to ears) – @percyk7
big m boys (noise to ears) – @percyk7
Big Mike (Exciting Different Amazing ) – @Michael24941994
blakswag2010 (crazy loud groove) – @blakswag215
Blood Runs Deep (Groovy Hard Rock) – @
Blue eye (It's good) – @_x1970
Blue Venue (Blusey, Country, Alternative) – @Coastasangria
Bonny Boy (Melody flush) – @bonnyboy
booboojay (is good) –
Bossdera (stylez) – @Bossdera
Bossdera (stylez) – @Bossdera
bossy (i love it) – @oluwasheun04
Boy@Heart (Inspiring, energetic rock) – @boyatheart
Brad Sondahl (fingerstyle guitar) – @BradSondahl
Brian Monk (Alternative, Drum n Base, Wierd.) – @CuringHercules
Brodric Wellington (really fuckin' bassy) – @No time fellah
Bryzz (Young Extraordinary Storyteller) – @@FiendBry
BTee (Sad) – @Btee
Buffalo (Alternative Rock Pop) – @@thebandbuffalo
Bullet (Cool) – @Christ onyeka
bygod (solo bass loop ) – @bassbygod
C2 (Dance sing rap) – @connectersdance
Cadenza X (Energetic Unique Progressive) – @
Caitlin Jenny (Inspiring , upbeat and fun) – @Loftyjr1
CALEB EF (rap fun change) – @@caleb2012beats
Calidrugx (Wild,Exclusive,Dance) – @600m.o.e
cam ( ok good loud) – @cameronscott806
cameron (good) – @shopping
cameron (awsome) – @shopping
Cameron Twomey (Acoustic troubadour fock) – @camerontwomey
CamSosa (un fucking believable ) – @killasosa
candy blush (fun) – @candy blush anthony
Carthage (Misanthropic Alternative Rock) – @carthageuk
Carthage (Misanthropic Alternative Rock) – @carthageuk
Cartoon Moon (Warm acoustic folk) – @@overnotunder
cashflow/chief (rap) – @Chief_Almighty1
Cassidy (Acoustic Guitar w/ sitar inspiration) – @erik ahlbrand
Cat Quan and King MV (all new vibes) – @BrodyGronewald
CedAuSpleen (Hip Hop, Experimental, different) – @cedauspleen
CEE FLY (Next to blow) – @@yaboiCEEFLY
Chaheem Gordon (soulful, sweet, and emotional) – @chaheemgordon1
ChampagneSpitta (cool, loud, and trendy) – @ChampagneSpitta
Charley Katan (Acoustic Girly Squeals) – @charleykatan
Charley Stone (A unique afroalternative sound) – @CharlesDStone
Chelsea Jenkins (alternative/rock/indie) – @chelabelabobela
Chevy Chase (and the wall of sea shells) (selfish and unresponsive) – @Blank
Chicago Beef Princess (Psychedelic Dubstafarian Melancholia) – @simonsanders
chiico (authentic, cool, soothing) – @chiico_kay
china boyz (off the chain) –
china boyz (nice good) – @cortasmcknight
China Vine (Dubstep, trap, techno) – @China_Vine
Chris Kettleson (Acoustic Pop Rock) – @Kettlech
Chris Ledwidge (Acoustitronica Jazz Pop) – @chrisledwidge
Chris Picton (Melodic Proggy Stuff) – @Chrisp321
Chris Stoffel (Southern Hard Rock) – @Stoffelmusic
Christian (Alternative/Pop/Indie) – @Christian1UK
Chrononaut (Totally Awesome Metal) – @none
Chryses (Trance ) – @Dj_Chryses
Classified Attention (Not the ordinary) – @ClassifiedABand
Clatter (Really awesome clatter.) – @clatter
Clint Heal/ Healio (Funky swag) – @n/a
Clip Chick (N/A) – @Clip Chick - Chloe G
club manouche (manouche gypsy jazz) – @@clubmanouche
co-J (beautiful, inspiring, detrimental ) – @oCoreyJ
Cody Steger (beautiful and entergetic) – @codysteger12
Con Reid (Acoustic Folk Pop) – @ReidsyReid
Connect 2 (Soft Hard Gentle ) – @Connectersdance
Connor Wilson (Loud as fuck) – @Friendofhagrids
CookieFinger with the Young Hegelians (Post Punk) – @Twitless in Flint
Corey Mwamba (rice. soul. music.) – @coreymwamba
Cornelia (dream pop storytelling) – @iamcornelia
courtney lear (rap peaceful medium) – @avalear
courtney stauffer (Beautiful alternative amazing) – @angelhearts422
Craig Lewis (Fingerpicky acoustic guitarishness) – @KuangEleven
Critical Mass/Sandy Sadowsky (evil weiner sounds) – @WestcoastAlex
Crush (Unique talented rap) – @Crush_kagiso
D Clanloch (Little of everything) – @ Clancy
D'nell (haa huuu haa) – @dejiade6
D-weezy (fun) – @ West
D.Brooks (loud,hype,understanding ) – @DBrooksofficial
D.j. Atwood (Progressive Rock & Metal) – @alienfifty4
Da Osina (hha) – @
Daedalus (Paraguayan Indie Explosive) – @theepicnameti
Dan Grosvenor (Not For Pensioners ) – @DanGrosvenor
Dan Mills Music (Strange, Atmospheric, Experemental) –
Daniel Whittington (Texas Roots Folk) – @Rhodesaudio
Danny Sherwood (Jazz-tinged folk blues) – @danny_sherwood
Darin Wilson (jazzy funky ambient-y) – @darinwilson
Darren Landrum (spacey progressive rock) – @dmlandrum
Darren Woods (Rock n Roll) – @@guitarblitz
Dartford (Alternative Indie Rock) – @Dartford_Band
Dave Miller Band (Blues, Jazz, and Rock fusion) – @Blues_Harmonica
David Alexander (Acoustic Pop Progressions) – @Mr_davalexander
David Brockman (over to you ) – @davidbrockman
David lee (real life) – @
Day by day (make gud music that they lov) – @Daybyday804
Dcarroll: OfficialHunnets (Diverse extraordinary excitement) – @Dcarroll18
Dean McCarthy (Noodly) – @Dmcsound
Deangelo (Crisp and simple) – @DD_thesinger
Debbie Mildred (rhythmic and loud) – @Aizenosadm
Dem Boyz (Catchy fun lyrical) – @Lil Carl
Demons of Gyrophonia (Avant-garde improvisatory noise) – @gyrophonia
DerekHanes (unforgetable happy life) – @@DerekHanes
Derk Jickface (Loud Autobiographical Nonsense) – @derkjickface
Despie (pop rock) – @despie
Dezollic (twerkish-type trapstyle) – @Rev3rb_AON
dhevdhas nair and myriad (world jazz) – @kwaytiaou
Diego & The Cat (Sweet sticky soul) – @maverickjacko
Dinah Lilia (Diverse, sensual, meaningful ) – @Dinahlilia
Dirty Pillows (fuckin punk rawk) – @ritchievanian
Divalicious (Loud, Crazy, Fun) – @Aesjah_Edwards
Divasonic (eclectic ethereal electronica) – @divasonic
DJ B-READY (Fantastic ) – @nielsbirel
Dj GhostFace (hard grimy edm) – @Dj GhostFace
DJ Jozenga (Turn Up Master) – @iamjozenga
Dj Lectekz (house music) – @jennifer_candal
DJ LEYON (awesome) – @abum_leyon
DJ Michael Corwin (House / lounge / Deep House) – @hiddeolland
DJ.tsebe(deep minds) (a dope) – @djtsebe mpho
djsleek (hard house sounds) – @hsv_chris
Doedoe Delyre (BANG BANG BANG) – @doedoedelyre
dominic santoro (talented, love singing) – @santorodominic
Dopey Solo (Universal, Different, beyond ordinary ) – @DopeySolo
Doug Sliv (Electronic, Experimental, Chill) – @dougsliv
Doug Sliv (Electronic, Experimental, Chill) – @dougsliv
DP (very pleasant noise) – @@soilderx1l1
DP (Hard working not giving up musician) – @soilderx1l1
Dr3 (thebestperiod) – @kingjames88
Dragondreams (Very loud guitar) – @DDValves
Dragondreams (very very loud) – @DraconemSomnis
Drama (Your favorite rapper) – @thekiddrama
Dream Team (Dream Team) – @Dream Team
Dream Team (Dream Team) – @Dream Team
Drei Viertel Drei (Sick Funny Pink) – @mickbordet
Dricks (Call me dope) – @Lungile Dricks Kunene
dspn00by (Pretty darn loud) – @dspn00by
dt (hip hop) – @tayoayeni
DuKeN$teIN (underground hip hop) – @dukensten830
dylan mckavett (perfection , suttle , friendly) – @@dylan2001
Dyno Fang (Smile Love Inspire) – @dynofangmusic
E-K (mooi , sexy , lief) – @erinoldinho-10
E.Q.M FAMILY (It is awsome ) – @@EQMFAMILY
E11eventh Hour (Modern Hard Rock) – @e11eventhhour
Eadrict A (bars) – @eadrict4
EaZy FaCe (make good song) – @stanley asemota
Eilis Phillips (Ethereal folk pop) – @EilisPhillips
Electric Culture (Folk. Electronic. Dark.) – @Electric Culture
Electric Machine Dawgs / EMD (sweet aural nectar) – @ThinkDigital
Elise (Bassist/Singer/Songwriter) – @Tunguskachinga
Emma (Different unexpected individual) – @ejwilko
Emma Perry (Creative, Popular,natural) – @OfficialEmmaP
Empire737Records (hip) – @@pronbeats
Empire737Records (trap music world) – @pronBEATS
Empire737Records (trap music world) – @pronBEATS
Empire737Records (trap music world) – @pronBEATS
Empire737Records (trap music world) – @pronBEATS
Empresz (Dope) – @iam_empresz
Empty White Circles (Indie/Folk/Alternative) – @@emptywhitecrcls
Endgame (Fire, Intriguing, Cool) – @endgame18220
Epoch (Rock Alternative Blues) – @epoch493
Erika Breno (Thinking music) – @@erikabreno
ethan blayke (sweet,low,awesome) – @hottlogan
Everlyn (Your are loud) –
Exile (Effects, Bass, synths) – @SeanClarkTheDJ
F.Glory (It's very good) – @Fglory1
F.O.E Gang (Just Having Fun) – @@FOE_Gangg
Faab (Happy aggressive different ) – @Faabofficial99
Fablly (Cool) – @Bright maximilliano
FachelRisher (Barmy happy fun) – @fachelrisher
Felixcruz (Fun) – @Felixcruzjay
Feofoka (Mainstream, Original, 3 words ?) – @feofoka
Fintan Moloney (Electro Glitch Complextro) – @fintanmoloney
First Class (Turn Up Town) – @TheManStokes
Fit and the Conniptions (Bluesy folk-rock) – @conniptions
Flame Deluge Band (Alternative Indie Rock) – @flamedelugeband
Fletch (Strong passionate beautiful ) – @shawn_fletch
floeazy (rap hip hop) – @floeazy
flora ladaj (song) – @nill
FlowTheRapper (Loud,aggressive,Nd cool ) – @1995floww
Flute (twee, rock, post-punk) – @GeoffreyArcher
Flynnja (BEEPS BOOPS BEATS) – @joshuaflynncmt
Foalar (electro analog synthpop) – @foalar
Foolie Gang/Dee The Master (Hip Hop Rap R&B) – @Tray_Sosa600
Foolie Gang/Tray Sosa (Great,Crunk,Loving) – @Tray_Sosa600
Foolie Gang/Tray Sosa (Hip Hop Rap R&B) – @Tray_Sosa600
Force2K (Progressive House) – @OfficialForce2K
Forte X (loud ) – @forte_96
Forte X (Rap/Hip-Hop) – @forte_96
Four Eyes (Experimental Folk Rock) – @rcware3
Frank McEvoy (Acoustic Finger Stuff) – @Frank McEvoy
Full Moon Rising (elevated happy hopeful) – @Kelly Jorge
G.A.M.E.P.R.O. (Pure Hip Hop) – @GPTHEGREAT
G.E.T 3 (Pop Alternative and Loud) – @GET3Official
Gabriel Araújo (Instrumental Experimental Low-fi) – @@bielzebu
Gabriel Ciaffone (Creative, Fun, Real) – @Mydearinsanity
Gary Grainger (Acoustic blues) – @BluesShow
Gary McGillvray (dancey, cool, awesome) – @garbear21427
Gcsexy (Very fucking lit) – @gcaran2018
gerry hoffman (all bets off) – @hippytrash
Ghosts of Dead Airplanes (loud fast fun) – @GhostsODA
Gill Rockatansky (Electro, Guitarry, Experimental) – @GillRockatansky
girls perfection (fantastic nice humbly) – @candy
Glenn Case (alternative pop music) – @glenncase
Glenshoun (Blast blast blast) – @Glenshoun
GMB FRADOE (motivated focus elevated) – @GMB FRADOE
GMB FRADOE (motivated inspired focused) – @GmbFradoe
GraceHorse (Minimal, very minimal ) – @jjooddyy
Graeme Campbell (Blues Country Rock ) – @graeme_campbell
Graham Browning Trio (Heartbroken jazz-folk playfulness) – @GbtrioBob
Gravity (Crowd Pleasing EDM) – @@APotestad10
Greyfade (Alternative metal) – @Fadihelou81
GrimmeD (Add your lyrics) – @ItsGrimme
grimnim (lyrics) – @dumpatruck
GTR_THE_TRAP (Dope) – @Trapazoide
Gunshot (Spoken Word Poetry) – @gunshotin
Haley Altgilbers (cute piano music) – @acciohaaley
hali (rnb, hiphop grime) – @hamimalli
Haras (Electronic bass music) – @No twitter
hard stones (hard rock) – @hard stones
Harris Zciri (Rap Emptional Rock) – @harris_zciri
Heavy Weather Entertainment (Hype) – @N/A
Helene (Altrock/Poppunk that's Catchyasfuck) – @helywhoelse
Helix (Loud Acapella Pop) – @helix_tw
Hezikiyah bleu (soft, smooth , strong ) – @Hezikiyahbleu
Hip hOp (Rap) – @Tpainboy Khwam24
Hitzrus (Good soulful hip hop) – @
Hitzrus (Good soulful hip hop) – @1rich_convo
Holworks (wordy life stories) – @holworks
Hope Bieber (Happy feel worth it) – @HopeBieber
Hope BieberL (Fans will get crazy) – @HopeBieber16
Horny Crow (psychedelic experimental trippy) – @henkvandermeij
hotribeena (carina stainforth) – @hotribenna
Howlin' Hobbit (ukulele jazz/hokum/novelty) – @howlinhobbit
Hunna Bandz (Hype Rap lyrical) – @RealHunnaBandz
Hunned (Live crazy action) – @Have fub
Hustler (loud but nice) – @hustler-rock
I,am an error (Rock/Rap/Melody) – @joramtei2
I,myself (Alternative Singer/Songwriter) – @KingBigNuts
I.A.L Cannon (aggresive) – @Stain_dV
Icetide (Rock, Jazz, Guitar) – @lcetide
Identity & DJ Band (Jarvis Knox) – @
Ieskay (Comedy, Sad Hip-Hop) – @IeskayOfficial
Ikarus (Progressive Sludge Metal) – @dannydraper86
Illicitizen (IndieSoul) – @@illicitizen
Indigo (all the way) – @PPersso
Infinite End (Progressive Rock Metal) – @trippedover
Influenz (Hiphop, R&B, Club) – @_Influenz_
Influenz (HipHop, Electro-Trap, Dubstep) – @
Influenz (HipHop/Electro-Trap/Dubstep) – @_Influenz_
Inge van Laere (warm, swaggy and just me) – @xIngevanLaere
IronAngel (other) – @IronAngelForge
IslandDave (Progressive Ballad Rock) – @IslandDave
ItSoundsLike (listen our music) – @_ItSoundsLike_
Izzy serious (Out of this world) – @@izzyseriousz
Izzy Stacks (I Go Hard) – @Izzystacks717
J Hustle (Hip Hop Artist) – @@Jhustle501
JÄÄCK (Alternative, Electronic stuff) – @@jack_presents
Jack (sweet ) – @@JackLovaticJack
Jack May (different, soft, ethereal) – @jaccmaee
Jack Slater Chandler (Pleasant moody songs) – @JackSlaterC
Jacob Johnson (pop rock rnb) – @jacobjoficial
Jake Beamish (expressive ambient instrumental) – @jakebeamish
Jake Dubber (Toddler-friendly dubstep) – @jakedubber
Jamal Dorce (Chill, Instrumental, Abstract) – @jamaldorce
James Bailey (Acoustic Magic Party) – @JBdaWonderLlama
James Maccabbee (HIP HOP LOVE) – @N/A
Jamie Adair (acoustic country pop) – @color_myworld
Jamie Clague (Guitar? Noise? Yes.) – @JamieCsNoise
Jandi Ton (sweet, soft, warm) – @phungxuanton
Jane (Work Of Art) – @@Iam_Lynniel
Japes (Urban/grime rapper) – @@OfficialJapes
Jared Leinum (Different Amazing Talented) – @JaredLeinum
Jarqua (The Realist Around) – @Jarquamusic
Jason Parker Quartet (Jazz, baby, jazz!) – @1workinmusician
Jaxx Luv (who even cares) – @N/A
Jay (The Best Music) – @Jeremiah9043
Jay Da Kid (I Don't Know) – @Jay_Da1Kid
JayBOddio (Catchy, Original, and Focused) – @@JayBOddio
Jaycee tha don (Energetic, hyper, active) – @Jaysethadon
Jayy Richh (Cool Collective Charm) – @bankrollJizzle
jazzy (ideas, loveble, happy) – @jasmin khan
JConn (Trap trap trap) – @jconn122
Jean Dinero (talented , outgoing & hype ) – @JeanDinero_
Jedi Tha Kid (Hyped , Smooth , ) – @JediThaKid
Jeff Jinx (Eccentric Original Real) – @PoliticiansLie1
Jennifer Haase (Singer/songwriter) – @jenniferhaase
Jessica (international music style) – @jessic_57
JG (Jazz, Modern, Blues) – @OfficialJGMusic
Jim Gellatly (Undecided) – @jimgellatly
Jit Dutta (pop rock rnb) – @jakedutta
JJJJR (terrible terrible crap) – @@juniorda1andonly
JJZRKE (Loud Melody Bars) – @Jordyn Marie Matthews
JKeen (awesome cool inspiring ) – @jayjaykeen347
Joan Lawson (Intermittent snoring) – @joanl
JOE NASR (Film Score, Soundtrack, Scene Music) – @@joenasr80
JoeDreamer (Trance Epic Awesome) – @JoeDreamer_
Joel Berkowitz (Experienced Session Drummer) – @@joelsberkowitz
joey (smoothe,nice,beautiful) –
Jog3eZ_ (Amateur Electronica Random) – @Jog3eZ_
John Garden (Progtronica Audiobook Synthesis) – @_johngarden
John Pope (Bass Geek Improv) – @Jamolah
John Spignesi (Feel Good Music) – @ppsfilms
Johnny Love (eclectic electric pop guitar vocals) – @johnnyloveband
Jon Liddell (Acoustic/Pop/Rock) – @@JonLiddellMusic
Jonathan Cleveland (Deep. Strong. Inspirational.) – @JonathanTx15
Jordyn Marie JM (Loud,Pop,Punk) – @jordynmarieJM
Josh Connolly (shit,shit,shit) – @jconn122
Joy Riot (Pretty good like) – @Kris_and_kyle
Jquan (Good) –
JR (Talented,Skilled, Unique) – @Its_Ya_Boi_JR
JSweezy & Ale$$ (Exciting,Cultural,Comforting) – @Johnw2ll
jt (fast rap raw) – @@jtspitta
Justin Goss (Progressive Rock) – @Rivals_an_Ion
K-Fed and the Smithereens (Em-G-D-C Repeat Repeat) – @karim79
K-WIZZY (greater) – @Kelvinking
K.R (Very Loud ) – @Loyalty_KINGG
kakaku (fresh,smooth and wild) – @kakaku
KALAHARI (I'm killing the stage) – @Dion kalahari
KALAHARI (I'm killing the stage) – @Dion kalahari
karizma (rap) – @karizmaqcity
Karlie Kienitz (Sings really good) – @KarlieKienitz
Karma (I make noise) – @_karmamusic_
Karma Dealer (Loud Electric Heavy Psychedelic Stoner Blues) – @loud_drummer
Kat & Hollies Mystical Adventures (Loud, Annoying, Fabulous ) – @_hollss
Kathryn E Marsh (Acoustic folk/pop/melodic rock) – @KathrynEMarsh
Katie Rudnicki (sweet, genuine, unique) – @katiesrealworld
KAY MILLI (Zoo lyfe) – @kay milli
Kayani (Alto,soprano acapella) – @@kaykaybosley10
Kayani (Alto,soprano acapella) – @@kaykaybosley10
Kayani (Hip hop acapella pop) – @@kaykayboslsley10
KayIyeDee (K.I.D) (The Newest Sound) – @Kayiyedee_official
KaySick (I rap about my hood and I do kill swag) – @KaySickVulaVala
kbreezy aka lil dre (grate cool good) – @youngbreezy421
KDmon (good, amazing, beautiful) – @Cole J Moellering
KeepStackZ (Rap Hip-Hop Streets) – @@KeepStackZ_
Keezy Blinkz (It Is Good) – @keezyblinkz
keith Smokedout Gates (raw nasty loud) – @keith_gates
Kemo (fucking fantastic) – @DariusLewis
Ken Bierschbach (Comfortably Thougtful Indulgence) – @BishMusic
Kenneth Makuakane (Pretty Damn Tasty) – @kmakuakane
Kenrick (Relaxed, deep and raspy) – @The_Beystan
Kevin Dooley (Americana /Irish/blues) – @Kevin Dooley
Kevin Martin (Synth Soundscapes) – @xencage
Kevin Martin (Synth Soundscapes & Improvisation) – @xencage
Kid Drama (Drama , Hype , Style) – @thekiddrama
Kid Drama (energizing hype swag) – @thekiddrama
Kid Kraze (Rap) – @Kid Kraze
Kid Mob (Straight up, truthful, inspirational.) – @ZackyG17
Kid Money (Powerful, Raw and stylish) – @KidMoney_2RACKZ
Kidd captain (Good, music, mine) – @
kidd mars (rap and sing ) – @KevaresMorgan
KIDDPLAYYY (energetic melow positive) – @kiddplayyy
Killing The Blues (Awesome Rock Duo) – @killingtheblues
kimagohard (loud,crazy,funny) – @ImMindlessKimaa
King Killahz (We are fantastic) – @LungileKunene
King Killahz (We are awesome) – @Lungilemarelekunene
King Of Kato (Electronic hip hop) – @KingOfKato
King Prophet (Rapper made great) – @Kingprophet67
King prophet (Rapper gone great) – @Kingprophet67
Kingfish (moo d y) – @kingfish
Kingpin (Gangsta Texas Rap) – @IBeKingpin
Kingsben (Aha) – @Kingsben
Kingsben (Beb) – @@kingsben5
kishanbrojolall (kishanbrojolall) – @kishanbrojolall
kk boyz (pop rnb hip hop) – @
Knock Hits (Nice music producer) – @teshawn dean
Knock Hits (Nice music producer) – @teshawn dean
Korbee XO (Pop) – @KorbeeNYC
Kostov (Happy agressive Energetic) – @kpacok
Kowiz (Memorizing different special) – @Sethwheeler1
Kris Halpin (Spooky Electro Songsmithery) – @krishalpin
Kristine (Sweet. haha) – @Kristinerovik97
KuThroat Mafia (smooth,hype,lyrical) – @cartoonkidz123
kyleb (so,so,cool) – @michael joseph
kyleb (so, so, cool) – @michaeljoseph355
kyleb (so, so, cool) – @michaeljoseph355
L.i.B (Hip hop/rap) – @@lib1rapperalive
L.o. (Lo) (Cool, Deep, Different, ) – @Stayreallo
Lachlan Harris (Amazing, Loud and Fun) – @lachie_h_2013
lacream (its preciously awesome) – @lacream
Lara Regini (A lyrical folk style of music) – @LaraRegini
Laureen Wilson (nice,meaningful,true) – @LaureenG2
Laurence Chapman (soul, blues, unique) – @chapmanlaurence
layzha (very well made) – @roro_urboat191
Lead Fez (Big Ballsy Beautiful) – @leadfez
Leanne Regalla (Fun acoustic rock) – @leregalla
lecuthumela (rap) – @0844351604
LeeSun (dreamy singing thoughts) – @LeeSun
Legendary D (hype) – @TEAM_Ysg
Legoland Empire (Free of form) – @allenwentz
Lena (edgy, folk, singer ) – @lenamacdonald
Levitation (We just levitate) – @StylezAJ
Lewi B (Cool as Shit) –
Liam Cronin (Emerging Pop Singer) – @LiamCroninUK
Lil Carl (Hip hop/ rap) – @Lil_Carl123
Lil Fleur (Rap cute high-pitched) – @Xxfleurtjee
Lil gordon (Normal voice) – @Godwin raymond
Lil kid (unique powerful amazing) – @romeocm19
Lil lex (Truthful, flowing, strong) – @Clarrissa_dodig
lil paso (the best artist) – @lilpaso100
lil thump (hyped ,agressive, determined) – @jacquez frazier
LiL Young (Inspirational unique creative) – @lilyoung14
Lil'Dee (let get it!!!) – @_darrianj
lil-Z (make it loud ) – @akaziaire
LilHaitii (Not) – @LilHaitiK
Lilmiah&Liltrey (Rap) – @@hebad1005
Lilwiz (Beautiful) – @Dany crane1
Liquid In Plastic (electro-acoustic analog orchestral) – @stevenjwhite
Liz Hamill (Folk Music Avant9TJ3) – @lizhamill
lkd (rap r&b dance halll) – @luckydaniel
Lobelia (it doesn't suck) – @Lobelia
Lofty Spires (audible beyond belief) – @loftyspires
Love (Big Time Music) – @lkaylee1
Love (Music) – @lkaylee1
Luciana Estrada (Pop) – @Luciana Estrada
LuLu (Chill underground hip-hop) – @rissaxoo
lwill (rap) – @lwillbl
maddox (electronic soulful beats) – @mark_maddox
Major Asa (amazing greatest wonderful) – @Rashodjohnson
mandala eyes (homegrown & organic narrative post-rock) – @mandalaeyes
Marcus Rangel (Rice, beans, Brasil.) – @Marc
Mark Bezerk (Edgy singer songwriter) – @mark_bezerk
Marti (rock folk soul) – @Marti_on_Bass
Marv (yes) – @@marvjelly
Masochists of Massachusetts (noise, noise, noise...) – @bogdicristea
MastaMinD (Realistic Lyrical Vibrations) – @Iam_MastaMinD
Master-Boyz TRN (Rap/Crunk/Hip Hop) – @MasterBoyzTRN
Matt Churchill (Acoustic Indie Folk) – @geetarchurchy
Mattias Axén (feelgood acoustic pop) – @enzian69
Maxwell Liam (Garage Punk Rock) – @mxvalentino
mCool (Beats and Electronica) – @matt_kulcsar
Mechanical Trans (acoustically vibrating wavelengths ) – @brentleasure
Meghan Rose (grit, wit & soul) – @meghanerose
Megrimmtroll (Moominish Black Metal) – @RPeikko
Melissa James (Lovely and melodious) – @MelissaJamesUK
MERCURY (lovely, nice, romantic) – @@irediawaOsa
Mercury Rising (Best Song Ever) – @Nicholas Heeralal
Merdurz (Wicked Murder Rhymes) – @Merdurz
metalrhubarb (Metal by MIDI and an ukulele) – @metalrhubarb
Mic-D (wow ) – @michealakp11
Michael Becker (Progressive Thrash Metal) – @Genesyn
Michael hanson (rap,country,rock) – @littleman316mh
Michael James Regan (Piano Strings Voices) – @MichaelJDRegan
Michael Whelan (modern solo folk) – @mixwhelan
Mike Maddaloni (My spoken voice) – @thehotiron
Mike Molloy (Beautiful interesting music) – @@mentmoreproduct
MikeMac (Entertaining, fun, rap) – @Micahcampbell10
Mildly Disenfranchised (test, experemental, pucy) – @m_disenfranchis
miles amani (like a superbass) – @milesAmani
Millykay (Wow) – @I Am Millykay
MiniKing (Soul Jazz Pop) – @miniking
Minor2Major (bass, acoustic, songwriter) – @franzmcshane
Minus The Intention (Fast, Jangly, Fun) – @MTI_music
Miranda and Gordo (Indie, Swell, Yes) – @jhimbob
Mirrored In Secrecy (Melodic Dark Metal) – @davidtimsit
Miss anthropy (Acoustic female songwriter) – @No twitter
Miss Melody (Horror punk rock ) – @@anthonydailey3
MiX MaSTeR Zee (Ambient, World, Trance) – @Avittion
Model-T (The most stoneriffic) – @Modelt
moneymankellz (great and proud) – @markell page
monica greene (anything can happen) – @hippytrash
Moran Hill Hurwitz (Country) – @mhhmusic
Morula (Bass filled silence) – @m0rula
Mp Rad Blood Crew (Hip hop) – @shadymp
Mr Q/Mr Questionnaire (Hip hop, Iconic, bold. ) – @
Mufassi (Extreme crazy insane) – @Mufassii
Mula Rayon (Fresh) – @Kingtoryan
Murda Gang records (Money Ultimately Rules The Attitude (Fire Lyrical Master) – @N/A
musician/wakliz (music) – @@wakliz_
Mustapha Kamel (ROck The Hat) – @mukarecords
Mwizzy (not very loud) – @Static_3_d
Mwizzy (not very loud) – @static_3_d
My Sunday Hat (Instrumental vox modern rock ) – @mysundayhat
m_i_cee (pop) – @micee
m_i_cee (pop) – @I am micee
Nascent (Dope ass shit) – @jeremylangley
Nazu (Crazy Awesome EDM) – @manguitosuave
Neil Alexander & NAIL (Electronic Super Jazz) – @nailmusic
Neil McDougall (Prog-flavoured hard rock) – @NeiloMac
Neill Ryan (Feel good funk) – @NeillRyan
nicco (real rap hits) – @therealnicco
Nick Stewart & Friends (Lame) – @
Nico KO Suave (New Age Rap) – @Trilltendo64
Northface (Hardcore,vibing experience ) – @Lurock407
Not The Leaf (Noise. just noise.) – @nottheleaf
Nova Fame (Acoustic Pop Rock) – @iamnovafame
O.G Baby211 (Rap) – @Ayesha68Ayesha
OBIE (nothing but music) – @n/a
obscure (dark struggle beat rideing) – @tharealobskure
OCMan101 (Electronic Dance Music) – @@EvanMarlowe
Offshore break (Mellow, upbeat, original) – @Richehsw
okanomodé (avantgroid sissyfunk cabaret) – @okanomode
Okies (Pop) – @Iamolobamoren
ola prince (joy of muisc) – @@i_am_olaprince
Oleg Trushking (Trek "Hare Krishna") – @siddhanathadas
On Wings Of Wax (Ambient Progressive Rock) – @OnWingsOfWax1
One Lead (makes brains blows up!) – @Oualidwwe1
Orbit Outlaw (We create rock) – @@markgdiamond1
OTS (every thing heat ) – @kayyy_bands
Our Albert (acoustic and electronic) – @ouralbertmusic
Our Reputation As Gentlemen (Loud Mathy Rock) – @Spencarrrgh
P.sake (its louder,it irritates and it kill ears) – @@stevendlamini3
Pacific Beat (Electronic Rock Alternative) – @PacificBeat1
pacificachiza (rap) – @@pacificachiza
Pahtprezzie (am sooooo glad) – @@tz_pahtprezzie
Pahtprezzie (am sooo glad.) – @@tz_pahtprezzie
Paige (diverserse, fun, amazing) – @none
Pandrea (post mioritic noise) – @growlerpig
Part of the Kollektiv (Joyful Noise Improvisation) – @
Patch Kelly (Rock Passion Emotion) – @PatchKelly
Paul Murray/Lazy Morse (Solo Acoustic Musings) – @Murraypaul87
Peaceboi (Wow) – @@sbonga_1
PenaS (Just Thinking Music) – @penas
Penny Bee (Jazz-inflected melodic pop) – @PBrooks19
person x (Noise industrial beats) – @Na
Peter Falconer (For Frequent Use) – @falconermusic
Peter Kaufenberg (Technical Acoustic Fingerstyle) – @Pk5055
petit+audioscapes (ambient guitar-based soundscapes) – @
pheonix (hola ) – @pheonix
Philena Carter (Unique, passionate, versatile) – @philenacarter
Phoenix Down (Progressive Rock) – @@pberger2112
Picturebox (Indie pop music) – @pictureboxsongs
pifie (lazy meditative distortion) – @pifie
Plastic Hearts (piece of shit) – @PlasticHeartes
Plastic Squirrel (beepy swooshy rock) – @plasticsquirrel
Poop (Poop poop peepee) – @Brenden Nichols
Poundskin (Drum Funk Groove) – @poundskin
Pretty Girl Swag (screaming/yell/sing) – @prettygirlswa6 or shakaylakk
Pretty Girl Swag (yell/sing.scream) – @prettygirlswa6
Prime (Hard, Strong, Flowing) – @primedmaniac
Prince muty (Pleasant,lovable and banging noise) – @Princemutysule
Protest Pyg (Folk; grindcore; industrial) – @robyngallagher
Pyro (Life in words) – @Juice3456
Quan Banga (uhhhggg) – @don't have one
Queen Freeda (cheerful laid-back mellow) – @freedastyle
QuickliDieInPain (Rap ,Energetic ,Rock) – @RaynnCHarris
R.CAPONE (i like money) – @@Rudimilan_
r.t.i.d (good best unique) – @princeproffs
rachael silver (fun funky heart felt) – @rachelewood70
radio (electronic EDM anything!) – @don't have one
Rafay Siddiqui (Nice Good Funny) – @No Twitter Account.
Rakk (Emotional Epic Strange) – @rakkedup2015
Ran Michaeli (Simple Acoustic Love) – @Try Facebook 🙂
Randolf Arriola (Solo Voice and Guitar Live looping Sounds and Songs) – @randolf arriola
Random Thought (Five piece covers) – @Dpurpleface
Rap Couger (best hardcore Rap) – @Rap Couger
Rap song maker (Cool dope sexy ) – @@titsondeck
Razlin (Electronic) – @iamrazlin
Rebecca (Next big star) – @@officialbecca
Receptor (Rap about ponies) – @EmceeClavi
Reid (Rap) – @Dankfurt
Renato Scozzari (Spirit of Island) – @brnmusic
Reset Prose (Not Quite Folk) – @resetprose
Reset Prose (Not Quite Folk) – @resetprose
Reyna (Pop, guitars, ruckus) – @mishtiIyer
Rhythm Method (Persistent, edgy, penetrating) – @peter_mccormack
Rich birdz (Gttmb) – @Johnny moe
Rich Homie Rob (it is fire) – @@robby Nowaczynski
Richard MacLemale (Just Good Songs) – @richardmac
richh kushh (relaxing and jumping) – @kdantweet_k
RichKid Antonio (idk) – @RichKid Antonio
Rickaé (Unbelievable original creativity) – @Rickaethesinger
RICKNOX (Creative,Amazing,Professional) – @rikabi_jawdat
Rigo (Hip hop, radical, inspirational) – @itisrigo
riley douglas (trap trippy sick) – @dory43
Rinnovo (Ambient, Hip-Hop, Instrumentals ) – @DanGrosvenor
rise of empiers (loud as fuck) – @william ellis
Rivals an Ion (Progressive Rock) – @Rivals_an_Ion
Rj silver bullet (I rap ,in make beats) – @Rashadswagg2
Rob Evans (Electronic Funky Nonsense) – @robevansbass
Robert dawson (Awesome ,amazing ,flawless) – @Robertdawsonoff
Roberto Coppens (Rapper, Singer and Dancer) – @@robertomusicboy
robynleigh (Pop wicked hearty) – @robynsxox
Rock Bottom (Old School Metal) – @@wintermute740
Rodney Andrews (hip hop, really cool) – @rodneyandreww
Romero Van Dam (pop and R&B singer) – @facebook ==> Romero Van Dam
RooTs (Fun , Exciting And Electrifying) – @RooTs_MM_
Roro (Let's get it) – @Roro_urboat191
RUKE (Drone Experimental Ukulele) – @MorganGleave
Russ Sargeant (Ambient Jazz Fusion) – @RussBass
Rutherford Birchard Hayes (instrumental heavy metal) – @piexing
Ryer (Ambient & Alternative Pop) – @RyerMusic
Sal P. (Click, click, click) – @23_am
Sam Ewens (Brass Ambient Electronica) – @@samewens
Sam Sun (Perfect, Passionate, Unique) – @Samuelsun9
Sammy Fox (electronic and/or ambiant) – @everett1911
Sanaa (Sing,Dance,Rap) – @Bsanaab
Sauce young (Hungry for money) – @Sauce_young
SB (Rich,Turnt,Smooth) – @SB_RBE
Scarabrae (Alt. Rock/Metal) – @subcide
Scrapyard Saint (Instrumental Industrial Noise) – @Antony_Hoskins
Scratches (Noisey Ambient Pop-Rock) – @@simonrpoulton
SEAN FLOOD (Acoustic,Melodic,Energy) – @http://seanflood45
SENSENOW (Bailefunk Moombahton Bang) – @@SNSNW
Sergeant LebZ (Megatron Vomit) – @SergeantLebZ
Serious Mental Anguish (really load noise) – @wintermute740
Shacky (rap) – @Shacky
SHANAQUI (Truthful, Universal, Clever ) – @Shanaquiedel
Shane McCellon (happy and joyful) – @ShaneKendall3
sheriff (very funny noise) – @@idehprince
shollykizzy (yahyi.ahn,ehyi) – @@razakolamide
shollykizzy (yahyi.ahn,ehyi) – @@razakolamide
shollykizzy (yahyi.ahn,ehyi) – @@razakolamide
SIGNAL (Electronic Dance Music) – @Flyproductions
Simeon Harris (Rocky Ambient Electronica) – @simeonharris
Simone du Garfunk (Americana Folk Lounge) – @simonedugarfunk
sir mike (wow) – @michael eniola
sir mike (wow) – @michael eniola
SK Villa (Villivers) – @SK Villa
SK Villa (Villivers) – @SK Villa
SK Villa (Villivers) – @Sahilkhanword
SK Villa (Villivers) – @Sahilkhanworld
skills (hype) – @shannonc
Skip (The stage climax ) – @Street_tied
Skip (The stage climax) – @Street_tied
SLow (Positive Funk Rhymes) – @Beechur
sly (the best ever) – @sly
smartyboi (good) – @@smartyboi01
snoop jay (rhymes) – @@snoopjay
snoop jay (rhymes) – @@snooppyjay
Solitary Blossom (Indie pop rock) – @solitaryblossom
Something Wicked.... (progressive rock metal) – @Doug Parker
Sophie gray (Amazing inspiring different) – @Troye_oakley_xx
sosababy (good cool yes) – @@sosa
Spacecow (Psychedelic Grunge Rock) – @WeHaveNoTwitter
Spirez (Downtempo electronic) – @Notwitter
st. james infrimary (electric eclectic eccentric ) – @smokeybarkid
steazy (its just something that is nice because you making something that you love) – @ no twitter
Steck-z (I fell grate) – @Kingsle06226007
Steezy-b (Futuristic, different, relatable ) – @Don't have
Steezy-b (Futuristic, different; relatable ) – @Steezy-b
Steph (loud, pitchy, painful) – @aliasofclass
Steve Cooke (Electro-punk-funk) – @@steve_cooke
Steve Dixon (Responses to grace) – @rotassator
Steve Ireland (Ambient Bass Funk) – @steveireland39
Steve Lawson (Solo Bass Goodness) – @solobasssteve
Steve young (Emotion, real, country) – @Stevenyoung36
Steven Guerrero / Flat Earth Agenda (Progressive BassCentric Neo-Fusion ) – @stevenguerrero
Storybook Kids (Pop Rock Music) – @neal_a
STRAGE (sludge instrumental doom) – @STRAGEnoise
Stubbs (Folk, pop, originals) – @Stubbs6foot8
Style (shout, scream , sing) – @Keron_Scott7
Subterranean Popular (Candy Shrimp Grunge) – @dansubterranean
SVB13 (Urban Electronic Music) – @_SVB13
SW10 (Ska/Punk Very Loud) – @N/A
Swag Mane (cool funny ghetto) – @SwagManeNoel
Swanky (rythm) – @Razswankyiam
Swish Gang Money (Bitch Made Dummy) – @@Skywalker__kev
Sxrilla (Lol) – @Jamoepark
T-DAWG (Fun) – @@TripleO_90
T-prince (YES) – @Agunbiade Adetola
table for one. (industrial acoustic meditations) – @hentor
Taboo (Lyrical,hip hop,southern roots) – @Taboo561
tae sosa (idk) – @Tae_sosa
Tahmid (charming and likable) – @AdiyaatShahid
Talynn (Steady , Upbeat, Smooth) – @Talynn roze
Tan Arm (Heavy Electronic Desert Rock) – @TanArmMusic
tanisha johnson (Techno , R & B , Fun) – @Tanisha
Tanya Rush (soulful indie rock) – @tanyarush
Team explosive (Epic dance styleu) – @Lerato pule
Teddy (Cool, fun and awesome) – @Francisjacquel5
Teegy Anchor (That's all right) – @@tebatsogkay
Teekee (Excited Dope Party) – @OfficialTeekee
Teknishin (Awesome Electronic Music) – @Teknishin
Tektree (Psychedelic Progressive Bass) – @tektree
tf. the fam/ tookie boi (hot... Perfect.. Awesome) – @tookie boi
TG (quality. Sound prof . Good words) – @@TakarioG
That Kewell Guy (Whoosh Ding Swish) – @MontreAlTheTime
That white kid (Dope flow make your head bump) – @
The Blues Hounds (Juke Joint Blues) – @BluesHounds
The Cowardly Lions (Mellow Acoustic-Folk) – @BPlucknett
The Culture. (Loud,Indie/rock/sexy.) – @.
The Gilliam Section (Ambient, guitar prog and drone) – @johnnyloveband
The Good Wives (Folk Rock Alt) – @goodwivesmusic
The Great Balancing Act (smart uplifting popaliciousness) – @jeep
The Int'l Language (Bluesy Funk-Rock) – @Tricia Earles
The Joel Humann Trio (make a jazznoise) – @joelhumann
The Kid Kane (Profitable Progressive & Inspiring) – @TheKidKane01
The lenged mcld (Hiphop) – @H7stokes
The Level Shift (Electro Folk Doodles) – @thelevelshift
The Mantelopes (Hot and Cold) – @the_mantelopes
The May Dolls (Indie Folk Country) – @themaydolls
the mc (good cool nice) – @roygreenleaf
The Notorious N.I.C (fuck ing aweome ) – @nickyknockout
The OmegA Man (Anything and Everything) – @kromegaman
The POPGOLD (Musik für Damen und Herren) – @loud_drummer
The Ringleaders (rock folk indie) – @julia scholer
The Star Catchers (pop, rock, acoustic,) – @@TheStarCatcher2
The Surgeprotector (Experimental Noise Emo) – @tsurgeprotector
The Sweet Confusion (Indie Folk Rock) – @sweetconfusion
the upcoming (amazingly outstanding singing.) – @TheUpComing
The Willies (Folk Punk) – @TSpademan
The Wooden Horse (Acoustic Magic Shit) – @JBdaWonderLlama
This Is Radio Silence (No Genre Applies) – @tirstirs
This Way Up (Greenday like punk) – @ThisWayUpBand
Thomas Glenwright (Catchy, memorable, unique) – @glenwright96
Three Goonz (Turn Up Jam) – @NIGERIANASSASIN
Throw The Goat (Nu-Grunge Stoner Punk) – @ThrowTheGoat
Thunderhead (Satanic Magic Blues) – @Thunderheadsun
Tillakaratne (noise noise noise) – @Tillakaratne
Tim Hall (Ambient speed prog) – @guitartim
Timbill Corder (Not quite Gyrophonia) – @TheTimbill
tintiano (progressive ambient experimental) – @rohanfelix
TiRO (Expressing Myself Organically) – @GerryMarkNorton
tjayokan (rnb) – @tjaypee
Toka Teez (Dark Melancholic folk) – @tokateezy
Tokyo Chaos City (Depressed Souls in Japan) – @tokyochaoscity
tomessi (more than music) – @iamtomessi
tomessi (more than music) – @iamtomessi
tonero (awsome) – @m_tonero
tonyLkollman (my own stuff) – @tonylkollman
too cool (humorous, cool, funny ) – @mtoocool
Topazangel (soft, melancholy,honest) – @Hinatra43Monica
Topazangel71 (melancholy, spoken word, Honest) – @Monica Chrisandtras Hinatra43Monica
Torn Dimension (Kinda mixy like) – @Bibble88
ToryCore (Tory Death Metal) – @Tory_Core
TotieLove (beautifully) – @@jenniferlane06
Toz Bourne (Ambient Rock Soundtrack ) – @Viagra Osterman
trap boyz (bad) – @NONE
Triangle Exception (Various Musical Thingies) – @doug_trianglex
Trip Wamlsey (All inclusive AWESOMENESS) – @tripwamsleybass
Trippy Riccy (Passionate artistic unorthodox ) – @@TrippyRiccy
Trippy Riccy (Authentic artistic unorthodox ) – @@TrippyRiccy
Trippy Riccy (Trippy Riccy Shakeem) – @TrippyRiccy
tronomy (Unbeatable, spectacular and extraordinary. ) – @tronomy
Troy (best,unique, quality ) – @Kaybee_troy
tuaan (powerful strong smood ) – @@denniswalkerw2
twistid music (real loved prepared ) – @alterego234
TylerGraps (loud crazy and phyco) – @TylerGraps
tyluv (great singer) – @Mollie Battle
T~WayDy (Yeh yeah yeh ) – @T-WAYDY
U-Taurus (Wild fun crazy) – @UTaurUs1
Uncle Dude (Post-Cool Rock) – @uncledudemusic
Undead Love (loud lovley) – @supmanbrother
unexpected bowtie (lofi, obtuse, chip) – @expectthebowtie
usr/sbin (experimental non-genre specific) – @Dennis Moser
Vampersand (Jake Dubber) – @jakedubber
Varion (Electronic Post Criterian) – @Varionic
Vatican Roulette (Anti-Pope Punkrock) – @Vaticanroulette
vellie vell (excitement thats about it) – @N/A
ventura (lyrical) – @bakedbroskie
Vic Moraga (blues, jazz, country) – @vicmoraga
victoria stokes (beautiful, alright & amazing.) – @msdiamondbabyxo
Village Studios (Amazing, Creative and Original ) – @officialdjrhyme
Vincent Andrew (Great) – @Foster Andrew
vintal (on da beats) – @vintal
Viso (Bass, culture, beats) – @Visobristol
VladiekJouk (Nice ) – @Vladiek@
Vortexia (Atmospheric rock) – @VortexiaUK
VYBeauregard (Electro-acoustic noise grooves) – @vybeauregard
waha Boyz (Out Of This World) –
Wes Harding (Melodic upbeat acoustic) – @weshard1
white beach music group (lyrical great amazing) – @venturaboy
Whitely (Seapunk, Tropical, Electronic) – @Whitelyisboss
Whoa! Nelly (Crazy Funny Dumb) – @WhoaNellyBand
WildThang (Wild Diamonds Stylin) – @Breanna Gardner
Will Dixon (Acoustic Rock Bonanza) – @willsodyssey
Will Gilman (Stand-up Comedian, Podcaster) – @willgilman
Will Judson (Progressive Folk Metal) – @willjudson
Will Worth (Not unsigned anymore) – @willworth
William Nieves (Pop, Rocky, Soft) – @@itswillnieves
Williams (Hype) – @N/A
winterstar (Ambient space rock) – @onewordheadline
wow (ok smoth loved) – @zyheimsolomon
Yamixy (Chilled, Awesomeness, Coolest) – @YamiMarco
YAVOR VELCHEV (Pop) – @like2nite
Yorick Aalto (Experimental pop electronic) – @yorickaalto
Yoshi Elson (killer,dealer,stealer ) – @Yoshi Elson
You Tube Music: Dizel - 1. Did You Ever (exciting intelligent wonderful) – @none
Young Ceo Da'Ryder (Energetic , inspire, educated ) – @WhoIsDaRyder
young fly ghost (in to win it ) – @
Young Girlz (Fun,cazy, wild) – @@Officyounggirlz
Young Knoc (In The House) – @YoungKnoc
Young Mono (Rap) – @Youngmono314
young nicco b™ (rapp hip hop ) – @youngniccob
young paso (rap) – @younpaso100
Young Realz (Spit Hot Fire) – @YoungRealz47
Young talibandz (Truth behind music) – @Talibandz TV
Young Tre (Trap, drill, violence ) – @Young_tre_
young wiz (leggo) – @@iamyoungwiz
YoungbossNiggus (Great brilliant welldone ) – @Tayyy_hoe
youngdeezy (good great deal ) – @ghw510
YOUNGN TJ (Loud love feels ) – @
youngpleasant (on point. energetic ) – @isaiahpleasant_
YoungRippaRaps (I think I can do it) – @George Coe 1000
YoungTime (rap) – @@YoungTimeArtist
Yung G (awesome,great,loud) – @YungGRapper
yung life ent (straight playa ready) – @na
yung mill (awesome loud music) – @hotbmill
Yung Neno (Great Street Raw) – @yungn3no15
Yungg Buttonz (Next Big Thing) – @IAmYunggButtonz
YvY (Electronic/organic/spirit music) – @yvylive
ZaCoria (Beautiful, lovely, anointed ) – @Zacoria_143
Zanger-Gio (alles, pop, rock, ) – @@Zanger_Gio
Zanger-Gio (music pop rock) – @@zanger_gio
Zanta (Roar,nasty,fine) – @Not applicable
Zen Beer (Electronica/Solo Bass) – @zenbeerbass
Zen Beer (Electronica/Solo Bass) – @zenbeerbass
Zero-G (Beautiful. Crisp. Excellent ) – @@idonthaveone