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We’re really pleased to add the following artists to our record label.
They are no longer “unsigned” artists. You should check them out.

Rockstar joemoneyxxx99 (Cheering ) – @@joemoneyxxx2001
lilchelsey (hip-hop/rap) – @chelsey
Kazey Squad/ Team Kazey (Lit A$$ Rap) – @no
Prophet (rap bass loud) – @@elijahpanko
Deems (Fun pretty cool ) – @Sarah
Queen Nessa (It a music also a sound) – @nessamhiz
Queen Nessa (It a music also a sound) – @nessamhiz
Mereprince (Impeccable ) – @Mereprincehiphop
Matthew Nicholson (Rap) – @Matthew
JGeno (Upbeat,meaningful,soft) – @ngsings71
No band (Hip hop) – @Milanolippert
Dezzy Dezz (Very Very awesome) – @Dezzy Dezz
11 Silver (Powerful rock music ) – @11_Silver_
Lil snow (Music rap and rhythm) – @Daeshawn snow
Lil snow (Music rap rhythm) – @Daeshawn snow
Yung AL (yeaaa wooo make some noiseee) – @YungAL_Official
Luhh mike (Fye) – @Mikeysupa
CVLE (Lyrical, lyricist, perfectionist ) – @Cjxovo6
Nourahan (Passion,Emotion) – @Nouurhanaa
Nourahan (Passion,Emotion) – @Nouurhanaa