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We’re really pleased to add the following artists to our record label.
They are no longer “unsigned” artists. You should check them out.

Ash (Normal I guess ) – @Ashlei___
youngafrican (funny, cheerful, and loud) – @charles73695619
Ernesto Morillo (R&B trash lol) – @ernestomorillo6
YVNG VOORHEE$ (Chill Soft Hard) – @@LIL_WATER_
yunghellboi (emo dark loud) – @xxericxx2015
FlipSide (Deep Real Raps) – @slip_lil
FlipSide (Deep emotional rap) – @@slipLil
Kobe Evison (Hip Hop, Emotional, Meanibg) – @Kobe Evison
Yusuf Tali (Real banging rap) – @jeffety2_felipe
JuiceIsLoose! (Hip Hop Music) – @RcnJuice
Flawless Girlz (wonderful awesome sweet) – @Sherissamiller1
Lildeedee3k ( – @Lildeedee3k
Crealisa Raquel ♥️ (The truth told) – @@CrealisaR
RooTs (Electrifying ) – @Yuh_Boy_RooTs
Becca Rose (loud outgoing and fun) – @Rebecca Ambrose
Lil Auschwitz (Killer badass gangsta ) – @zensec_official
therealjoe23xx (Loud screaming noisily ) – @@rockstarjoe1
DraiiTaiii (Good) – @ACE_Zavvy18
Sequin (Calm emotional happy ) – @Sarah
Angelo (Chill fire beats) – @@AngeloIsHome