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We’re really pleased to add the following artists to our record label.
They are no longer “unsigned” artists. You should check them out.

Cole Ruddell (Cool lit bounce ) – @@Cole_ruddell
Princess Ittana (Pure beautiful symphony ) – @@dark_angel414
Trey and Selah Ve (Explosive As Fuck) – @Realnigga21
Dman (Talented Expressive different ) – @@2RichesDman
Mr happy (Singing, hiphop, pop ) – @WVrolijk
Farrvell (You wanna hear) – @Farrvell1
Sean Barrow Band (Great, Nice, Beautiful) – @SeanBarrowMusic
Ark Of Sound (EDM, Dubstep, Mashups) – @ArkOfSound1
Joe eastcoastxxx (Yelling oh yeah out loud ) – @@joe_eastcoastxx
Tent Factory (We Supply Marketing Tents Since 1991) – @Srinivas@tents
Richey Pesos (Crowd hyping music) – @RicheyPesos
OLLY (pop) – @ollysamx
Vizual Genius (Rap hip hop) – @Vizual_Genius
Big Kam (Feel The Vibe) – @@fashiongurutaj
thesewergod (very fucking amazing) – @snip3rgan9
ÄLTA (Bedroom pop) – @bloodalta
Gator Kane (I do Rap) – @josephc27311774
Luh Choppa (Nice) – @XoDeformed
Tyler Thierry (R&B Alternative Experimental) – @TylerThierry1
LIL JR (Good funny lit) – @Rochleau_j