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We’re really pleased to add the following artists to our record label.
They are no longer “unsigned” artists. You should check them out.

Fush (Fascinating) – @Ola_mikail
Cmgdk Kristrapper (Joy) – @Michael Gold
Luke (Enjoyable, upbeat and fun ) – @0704_luket
Rockstsrjoegold23xx (Loudly screaming ) – @@joemoneygold23x
JBFromDG (Catchy , Hot , Hits ) – @Eliteballerjb
Foreign Jimmy (Crazy turned fun) – @@iamjimmybaby
Emad Salha (Pop weird me) – @Emad Salha
Grace Charmz (Pop, Dance, Fun) – @gracecharmz
Que Cashin (Strong real great) – @Foolieboyq16
Rennie (Weird) – @_duhitzhayden_
Noah Deal 1 (rich strong and musical) – @noah robertz
Ashton is God (Freestyle, Rap, Fun) – @AshtonIsGod2
Waya el capo (Dripp swagg pop) – @Wayacapo
Waya el capo (Swagg dripp pop) – @Wayacapo
Rockstar joemoneygoldxxx (Cheering ans loud ) – @@joemoneygold100
Lil Perk (Rap, Ok and Gang) – @@Lilperkk
Parradox (Exciting, outstanding, different) – @justinj4real
Northsiide lights (Bars ) – @
YFN Jay Breezy (Yea yea yea) – @BreezyYfn
Platinum! And Duss Get Money Mafia Gang (Raw hip hop) – @Itsthamafia974