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We’re really pleased to add the following artists to our record label.
They are no longer “unsigned” artists. You should check them out.

Jakeman Gracie (Ignorant as f@ck) – @Gxdlikev2
Ruke (Heavy punk harmonicas ) – @Morgan Gleave
Big Ben (Influential perfect pitch) – @big813ben
HDM MUSIC (unique kinda style) – @huntermtwitterhdmmusic
Platinum Islands Entertainment (ThaGreatest1) – @Nasthagreatest
NFSjam (Rap for fun) – @JamilBBoy557
Young Sean ( fresh, legit, tight ) – @Lil_Sean12345
XANA (Rap, sensation, diss) – @XanaVEVO
Mata (chill laidback vibes) – @calebrmata
Slick (Takes you higher) – @Rparks13_
Sharikka Harris (Sufficient hard mixture) – @Sharikka Harris
The Xodus (Beautiful) – @KidRan
Young G (lit) – @killanigggger
Shawnay Bonnana (Shawnay Bonnana Music) – @Shawnay Bonnana
BornsB4 (Pretty Fucking Ass) – @BornsB4
Jlittz (Rap music ) – @Joshuawingo7
Stan Nuoka (drum and bass) – @Random
FLA$HY (lit as fuck) – @ethangriffith2
Nick's Beats (Beats Beats And Beats) – @@NicksBeat1