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We’re really pleased to add the following artists to our record label.
They are no longer “unsigned” artists. You should check them out.

Yung Neno (Great Street Raw) – @yungn3no15
King prophet (Rapper gone great) – @Kingprophet67
King Prophet (Rapper made great) – @Kingprophet67
wow (ok smoth loved) – @zyheimsolomon
Miss Melody (Horror punk rock ) – @@anthonydailey3
JSweezy & Ale$$ (Exciting,Cultural,Comforting) – @Johnw2ll
Fablly (Cool) – @Bright maximilliano
Rafay Siddiqui (Nice Good Funny) – @No Twitter Account.
David lee (real life) – @
Eadrict A (bars) – @eadrict4
tjayokan (rnb) – @tjaypee
YOUNGN TJ (Loud love feels ) – @
r.t.i.d (good best unique) – @princeproffs
Da Osina (hha) – @
lil thump (hyped ,agressive, determined) – @jacquez frazier
Debbie Mildred (rhythmic and loud) – @Aizenosadm
Robert dawson (Awesome ,amazing ,flawless) – @Robertdawsonoff
WildThang (Wild Diamonds Stylin) – @Breanna Gardner
LilHaitii (Not) – @LilHaitiK
Jessica (international music style) – @jessic_57