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We’re really pleased to add the following artists to our record label.
They are no longer “unsigned” artists. You should check them out.

Robert dawson (Awesome ,amazing ,flawless) – @Robertdawsonoff
WildThang (Wild Diamonds Stylin) – @Breanna Gardner
LilHaitii (Not) – @LilHaitiK
Jessica (international music style) – @jessic_57
joey (smoothe,nice,beautiful) –
Rj silver bullet (I rap ,in make beats) – @Rashadswagg2
I,am an error (Rock/Rap/Melody) – @joramtei2
m_i_cee (pop) – @I am micee
m_i_cee (pop) – @micee
Jordyn Marie JM (Loud,Pop,Punk) – @jordynmarieJM
P.sake (its louder,it irritates and it kill ears) – @@stevendlamini3
Indigo (all the way) – @PPersso
Okies (Pop) – @Iamolobamoren
RichKid Antonio (idk) – @RichKid Antonio
5klip (Money...Turnt...Grind) – @5klip
5klip (Money,,Grind,,Hustlw) – @5klip
5klip (Lit,Turt,Money) – @5klip
Topazangel71 (melancholy, spoken word, Honest) – @Monica Chrisandtras Hinatra43Monica
KDmon (good, amazing, beautiful) – @Cole J Moellering
Zanta (Roar,nasty,fine) – @Not applicable