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We’re really pleased to add the following artists to our record label.
They are no longer “unsigned” artists. You should check them out.

IronAngel (other) – @IronAngelForge
Young Knoc (In The House) – @YoungKnoc
Barnaby Tremayne (tasteless unique noise) – @barnabytremayne
JKeen (awesome cool inspiring ) – @jayjaykeen347
vellie vell (excitement thats about it) – @N/A
5 Ton Bruiser (Rock, circus folk) –
snoop jay (rhymes) – @@snooppyjay
snoop jay (rhymes) – @@snoopjay
ItSoundsLike (listen our music) – @_ItSoundsLike_
skills (hype) – @shannonc
Addi Wingate (some guitar voice) – @xoxoaddi
R.CAPONE (i like money) – @@Rudimilan_
Exile (Effects, Bass, synths) – @SeanClarkTheDJ
D-weezy (fun) – @ West
OCMan101 (Electronic Dance Music) – @@EvanMarlowe
KIDDPLAYYY (energetic melow positive) – @kiddplayyy
Doug Sliv (Electronic, Experimental, Chill) – @dougsliv
Doug Sliv (Electronic, Experimental, Chill) – @dougsliv
Lil'Dee (let get it!!!) – @_darrianj
lacream (its preciously awesome) – @lacream