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We’re really pleased to add the following artists to our record label.
They are no longer “unsigned” artists. You should check them out.

lwill (rap) – @lwillbl
candy blush (fun) – @candy blush anthony
Foolie Gang/Dee The Master (Hip Hop Rap R&B) – @Tray_Sosa600
Foolie Gang/Tray Sosa (Hip Hop Rap R&B) – @Tray_Sosa600
Foolie Gang/Tray Sosa (Great,Crunk,Loving) – @Tray_Sosa600
Blue eye (It's good) – @_x1970
Kayani (Hip hop acapella pop) – @@kaykayboslsley10
Kayani (Alto,soprano acapella) – @@kaykaybosley10
Kayani (Alto,soprano acapella) – @@kaykaybosley10
Luciana Estrada (Pop) – @Luciana Estrada
dspn00by (Pretty darn loud) – @dspn00by
Jean Dinero (talented , outgoing & hype ) – @JeanDinero_
Tanya Rush (soulful indie rock) – @tanyarush
Ahmaad Aspen (Pop, R&B, Country, Rap) – @AhmaadAspen
Amanda Durlak (I don't know) – @AmandaDur1D
Laurence Chapman (soul, blues, unique) – @chapmanlaurence
B-Mon3Y (From my heart ) – @Bmon3y313
richh kushh (relaxing and jumping) – @kdantweet_k
Dj Lectekz (house music) – @jennifer_candal
Rich Homie Rob (it is fire) – @@robby Nowaczynski