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We’re really pleased to add the following artists to our record label.
They are no longer “unsigned” artists. You should check them out.

E.Q.M FAMILY (It is awsome ) – @@EQMFAMILY
Calidrugx (Wild,Exclusive,Dance) – @600m.o.e
Dyno Fang (Smile Love Inspire) – @dynofangmusic
Kid Money (Powerful, Raw and stylish) – @KidMoney_2RACKZ
Kowiz (Memorizing different special) – @Sethwheeler1
Cat Quan and King MV (all new vibes) – @BrodyGronewald
Swanky (rythm) – @Razswankyiam
Bryzz (Young Extraordinary Storyteller) – @@FiendBry
KAY MILLI (Zoo lyfe) – @kay milli
Hunned (Live crazy action) – @Have fub
OTS (every thing heat ) – @kayyy_bands
ethan blayke (sweet,low,awesome) – @hottlogan
K-WIZZY (greater) – @Kelvinking
T~WayDy (Yeh yeah yeh ) – @T-WAYDY
courtney stauffer (Beautiful alternative amazing) – @angelhearts422
dominic santoro (talented, love singing) – @santorodominic
pheonix (hola ) – @pheonix
U-Taurus (Wild fun crazy) – @UTaurUs1
Yung Neno (Great Street Raw) – @yungn3no15