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We’re really pleased to add the following artists to our record label.
They are no longer “unsigned” artists. You should check them out.

Jedi Tha Kid (Hyped , Smooth , ) – @JediThaKid
Awrap (Inspiring, passionate,enthusiastic ) – @@awrapstar
Toka Teez (Dark Melancholic folk) – @tokateezy
DJ Jozenga (Turn Up Master) – @iamjozenga
tonero (awsome) – @m_tonero
ventura (lyrical) – @bakedbroskie
Emma Perry (Creative, Popular,natural) – @OfficialEmmaP
Classified Attention (Not the ordinary) – @ClassifiedABand
Kidd captain (Good, music, mine) – @
Cody Steger (beautiful and entergetic) – @codysteger12
Lil gordon (Normal voice) – @Godwin raymond
Felixcruz (Fun) – @Felixcruzjay
Young Tre (Trap, drill, violence ) – @Young_tre_
Brian Monk (Alternative, Drum n Base, Wierd.) – @CuringHercules
KayIyeDee (K.I.D) (The Newest Sound) – @Kayiyedee_official
AJ (Emotive, Expressive, Energy) – @ajherget
lil paso (the best artist) – @lilpaso100
DJ LEYON (awesome) – @abum_leyon
vintal (on da beats) – @vintal
Bando (Piece of Art) – @usteamBando