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We’re really pleased to add the following artists to our record label.
They are no longer “unsigned” artists. You should check them out.

OCMan101 (Electronic Dance Music) – @@EvanMarlowe
KIDDPLAYYY (energetic melow positive) – @kiddplayyy
Doug Sliv (Electronic, Experimental, Chill) – @dougsliv
Doug Sliv (Electronic, Experimental, Chill) – @dougsliv
Lil'Dee (let get it!!!) – @_darrianj
lacream (its preciously awesome) – @lacream
Teegy Anchor (That's all right) – @@tebatsogkay
SVB13 (Urban Electronic Music) – @_SVB13
Aidrian Novion (funky melodic experimental) – @aidriannovion
young nicco b™ (rapp hip hop ) – @youngniccob
big m boys (noise to ears) – @percyk7
big m boys (noise to ears) – @percyk7
big m boys (noise to ears) – @@percyk7
King Of Kato (Electronic hip hop) – @KingOfKato
K.R (Very Loud ) – @Loyalty_KINGG
lkd (rap r&b dance halll) – @luckydaniel
flora ladaj (song) – @nill
Bando Liberace (unqiue talented and different) – @BandoLiberace
nicco (real rap hits) – @therealnicco
Oleg Trushking (Trek "Hare Krishna") – @siddhanathadas