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We’re really pleased to add the following artists to our record label.
They are no longer “unsigned” artists. You should check them out.

Carthage (Misanthropic Alternative Rock) – @carthageuk
Carthage (Misanthropic Alternative Rock) – @carthageuk
gerry hoffman (all bets off) – @hippytrash
monica greene (anything can happen) – @hippytrash
YoungRippaRaps (I think I can do it) – @George Coe 1000
Bossdera (stylez) – @Bossdera
Bossdera (stylez) – @Bossdera
Glenshoun (Blast blast blast) – @Glenshoun
Divalicious (Loud, Crazy, Fun) – @Aesjah_Edwards
William Nieves (Pop, Rocky, Soft) – @@itswillnieves
Dj GhostFace (hard grimy edm) – @Dj GhostFace
Graham Browning Trio (Heartbroken jazz-folk playfulness) – @GbtrioBob
The Kid Kane (Profitable Progressive & Inspiring) – @TheKidKane01
Amy Fitz Doyley (Jazzy, Soulful, Alternative) – @AmyFitzDoyley
KaySick (I rap about my hood and I do kill swag) – @KaySickVulaVala
Dezollic (twerkish-type trapstyle) – @Rev3rb_AON
Levitation (We just levitate) – @StylezAJ
The Star Catchers (pop, rock, acoustic,) – @@TheStarCatcher2
Kingsben (Beb) – @@kingsben5
Influenz (HipHop/Electro-Trap/Dubstep) – @_Influenz_