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We’re really pleased to add the following artists to our record label.
They are no longer “unsigned” artists. You should check them out.

Young Realz (Spit Hot Fire) – @YoungRealz47
Rakk (Emotional Epic Strange) – @rakkedup2015
tronomy (Unbeatable, spectacular and extraordinary. ) – @tronomy
One Lead (makes brains blows up!) – @Oualidwwe1
David Alexander (Acoustic Pop Progressions) – @Mr_davalexander
Jaycee tha don (Energetic, hyper, active) – @Jaysethadon
Trippy Riccy (Trippy Riccy Shakeem) – @TrippyRiccy
Trippy Riccy (Authentic artistic unorthodox ) – @@TrippyRiccy
Trippy Riccy (Passionate artistic unorthodox ) – @@TrippyRiccy
tyluv (great singer) – @Mollie Battle
Greyfade (Alternative metal) – @Fadihelou81
Yoshi Elson (killer,dealer,stealer ) – @Yoshi Elson
kakaku (fresh,smooth and wild) – @kakaku
Sauce young (Hungry for money) – @Sauce_young
Peaceboi (Wow) – @@sbonga_1
Kid Kraze (Rap) – @Kid Kraze
Dopey Solo (Universal, Different, beyond ordinary ) – @DopeySolo
cam ( ok good loud) – @cameronscott806
Jane (Work Of Art) – @@Iam_Lynniel