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We’re really pleased to add the following artists to our record label.
They are no longer “unsigned” artists. You should check them out.

Cg (Young,honest,ready) – @
Jessica Ryan (fun, thoughtful, peaceful) – @jessicalay
T.Ray (Loud as hell) – @TylerRay__
T-Dane (Revolutionary spiritual Motavation!!!) – @TDane407
Avegang records (Ave gang records) – @THEREALBROZZ
Kid imfamous (Interesting rad unusual ) – @TherealBrozz
Cameron Mayes (Very very medium) – @CameronMayes3
Volcan TX (Awesome,Cranky,Memorable) – @VishwakJ
KD (Exciting Happy Acceptable) – @Dion Neal
Young T (Hip-Hop Rap) – @troy_lanez
N8 (Strange and Unknown) – @Nate Hawkins
z (like tpain) – @zeke wheeler
zeke (z) – @zeke wheeler
Produce Juice (Life Future Career) – @TheATwins1
Koon (funny crazy weird) – @almighty_koon
Stalin Davila (Funny , simple , romantic ) – @Thatchicostalin
Silvergee (Interesting,good,motivating) – @01silvergee
Silvergee (sumptuous,good,motivating) – @01silvergee
DJ FC (Electronic Dance Music) – @finlaycampbell5
zanito (rap) – @iam_zanito