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We’re the people from New Music Strategies.

This project was something we put together in response to our ongoing frustration with the perpetuation of the myth that being signed to a record label is the way in which you achieve success as a musician. Most of the time, the complete opposite is true.

We thought that maybe if EVERYONE was “signed”, then there could be no stigma attached to the notion of being “unsigned”. And so that’s what this site is all about.

This website was put together by Andrew Dubber (who wrote most of the text), Steve Lawson (who did most of the clever techie bits) and Sock Baeus Redding (who did all the lovely graphics).

All three of us are Any And All Records artists – and you can listen to our stuff on Bandcamp.

Check out Andrew Dubber’s audiobook Music in the Digital Age
Check out Steve Lawson’s album Believe in Peace (and many more)
Check out Sock Redding’s album as Jake Dubber Bring on the Cannibal Android Robots!