Front Page

No more being an unsigned artist! No more toiling in anonymity! All your problems are over! Except, you still have to go and do everything that you would have had to do anyway. It’s just that now you’re on a record label.

It’s very simple. We want to sign you to our record label. That’s the end of the story.

You fill in the form, and then you are signed to a record label. Easy as that.

But let’s be really clear about this: this does not obligate you or us to anything. You don’t have to give us ownership of your recordings, and we don’t have to help you in any way. It’s an entirely mutually neutral arrangement.

Except now you can stop calling yourself “unsigned”.

Oh, and you can use the record label logo on your website, Facebook page, Bandcamp site or whatever – if you feel that will give you some sort of legitimacy or an air of professionalism.

Just go to the download page and grab that.