Front Page

It’s one thing to be able to say you’re on a record label – but it sometimes helps to have it look like you’re on a record label as well.

Right click the image below and ‘save as’ to get the Any And All Records logo to put on your website or on your CDs and business cards, so people can see that you’re on a proper record label and not just some “unsigned band”.

Resize it to suit your needs. It’s a square, so it should fit most places. It’s also a transparent PNG file, so even with the rounded corners and the slight drop shadow, it should look okay on any background. Unless your colour scheme is entirely tasteless.

If you want to have a label banner on your Bandcamp page, the image below is the right dimensions for a Bandcamp banner. Right-click and save as.

Feel free to put your name in the empty bit by using some image editing software like Photoshop or something. If you want to match the text, we used the free Say It Fat font.

And here’s a poster that you can print out and stick up at your next gig, should you wish. Click the image below to get an A4 PDF version.