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We’re really pleased to add the following artists to our record label.
They are no longer “unsigned” artists. You should check them out.

GETTOEbaby (Rap/r and b) – @@gettoebaby
Gettoebaby (Hip Hop Music) – @@JMCD
Ronnie Farmer Nation (Hype Music And Expressing My Music ) – @RonnieFarmerNa1@
KaLo FrenZy (KLZ) –
Wild Wes (Hip Hop Sound) – @DaRealWildWes
Lil jonah (Keep it clean ) – @lil_jonahn
Caleb Mata (Passionate, Honest. & Authentic) – @calebrmata
Lil Wallah-Love (Idk) – @Lil Wallah-Love
Swoger (Intelligent, Quality, Creative) – @SwogerTagz
WVKEUPTANNER (Emotional Melodicn Art) – @Tannernewell1
Dark Exception (Everything you hear) – @z_elkholy
Dark Exception (Everything you hear) – @z_elkholy
YoungKub (Loud) – @Dont have one
th3rd3y3 (extream ) – @th3rd3y331
Luke and Carson (?) – @lukeandcarson
Nike jays (Savage awesome recommended) – @Nikejayshiphop
matt roses (trashbutdope) – @juliangabriel
Black Coffee (Loud Hard Fire) – @@black_coffeehi
Turbo T (Its so Amazing ) – @Luckygama4