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We’re really pleased to add the following artists to our record label.
They are no longer “unsigned” artists. You should check them out.

Client 5 (Best shit ever) – @Jakejon2013
Jessica Ann (Like a fantasy.) – @
ZENN (Yoink, growl, zeip) – @i dont have
Lil Vene (New) – @lilveneofficial
$auce The Kid (Hype Success Gang) – @Amarion Larry
princess (ooh) – @tionenji kartel
volumeloud (Chill ass Vibes) – @volumeloud
Ka$ha (Crazy, Sweet, Energetic ) – @iiswhaiis
rz (load fast rap) – @none
B-real (Speak the truth) – @None
AaDfromtheRobotic (Good at best) – @@AndDomenik
Nikola Botoi (Inspire) – @NikolaBotoi
Elizy (Good vibe) – @@oloyedeelijah4
Cockatoo5000 (Dope ass beats) – @cockatoo5000
Temptation (Lyrical, Muse, Influential ) – @21karricka
Charlies Got Bands (best thing ever) – @Cyronik
reilly (Talented poetic and intelligent ) – @Nathan1234
Nay-nay (Talented poetic and intelligent ) – @Nathan1234
One More Time (Loud, Beautiful, Encouraging) – @OneLast30839797
N/a (Great Music) – @N/a