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We’re really pleased to add the following artists to our record label.
They are no longer “unsigned” artists. You should check them out.

StabHappy (Loud Not Techno) – @StabHappyTechno
Dj pimp Patrick 666 (Inspirational house music) – @Patrick sabe
time for way (scream) – @bell
Mason (Mason) – @maosn
Mask (Entertaining) – @Mason
COLORZ (Pop Energetic Fun) – @Mason O'Connell
Astra (great entertaining incredible) – @AstraMakura
Empyreal (Anything metal related) – @don't use it lmao
Nappyhead (Money power respect) – @Nappyhead16
EL (Upbeat funky and fun ) – @Elizabeth
EL (Upbeat funky and fun ) – @Elizabeth
Gsus SG (Heavy/Hard/Progressive) – @jesussanchez
Fatima Azuma (the perfect voice) – @Fatima Azuma
Charlesmen Bobo (Loud extra powerful) – @Charlesmen Bobo
GayatreeG (Soulful) – @IamGayatreeG
DKLG (Jump Up) – @Don’t have one
youngdc (Trying very hard) – @https//
youngdcmusic (Trying very hard) – @https//