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We’re really pleased to add the following artists to our record label.
They are no longer “unsigned” artists. You should check them out.

Charlesmen Bobo (Loud extra powerful) – @Charlesmen Bobo
GayatreeG (Soulful) – @IamGayatreeG
DKLG (Jump Up) – @Don’t have one
youngdc (Trying very hard) – @https//
youngdcmusic (Trying very hard) – @https//
CredsWrld (Emo) – @Eli_champ00
Samuel (Ha ha ha) – @Samuel_lionboy
DJ K Fusion (amazing outstanding cool) – @DJKFUSION
DJBrown (Very cool ) – @
KamaL (Hip hop) – @@kamalkinq
Cornelius Plus (Music I make.) – @corneliusplus
Dokney (Classical, jazzy, ear-catching) – @
Phoenix dallars (Music to hear) – @Phoenixd
Mars Retti/TheyLoveEzra (Versatile, authentic, fun) – @MarsRetti
Rbrozable (song) – @Reece Brozovich
Vesper onerhaiir (Groove , hit and moodlifter) – @Vesper onerhaiir
aaydxn (Bouncy Flow New) – @STODDSBASEBALL
BBrown (dance chill edm) – @BBROWN
Jøhň (Lit Fire Music) – @johncannon5
LIL YUNG SWAG MAN SUCK MY DICK (pp ass poop) – @poop