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We’re really pleased to add the following artists to our record label.
They are no longer “unsigned” artists. You should check them out.

RedeemedBrave (Rapping ) – @MarcusFrank08
King Teezy (Hits in making) – @kingteezy9
yung activist (lit) – @@cannongod
worldwide (smk) – @yang_simien
worldwide (smk) – @yang_simien
Shuriken Beat (Heavy) – @Pietro
Shuriken Beat (Heavy ) – @Pietro
DaddyNightcore (high pitched. fast speed. nice songs.) – @@DaddyNightcore
lil Dm (rap and understanding) – @@Danielmedina
Joeblue (Screaming ) – @Joeblue2001
Kaydince Leonard and Anna Cochran (Beautiful,fun and or catchy ) – @Kaydince Leonard
Kaydince Leonard and Anna Cochran (Beautiful, flowy and or fun ) – @Kaydince Leonard
Taylor E Thomson (Bit Noise ) – @Taylor Thomson
Samantha Cusack (Soulful, Pop, meaningful ) – @Samantha_Cusack
DelMum (Sing with me) – @
FEMILIZEE (tenor, baritone, and bass) – @FEMILIZEE1
Client 5 (Best shit ever) – @Jakejon2013
Jessica Ann (Like a fantasy.) – @
ZENN (Yoink, growl, zeip) – @i dont have
Lil Vene (New) – @lilveneofficial