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We’re really pleased to add the following artists to our record label.
They are no longer “unsigned” artists. You should check them out.

Kidrap (Best lyrical and meaningful ) – @COOKIE BASHEER
Godfrey12 (Music) – @Nnanna
Jake G (Culture of rap) – @JakeGoudie2009
$DEMON$ (depressing sad relatable ) – @i dont have one i have instagram:youngasmodeus
D Saints: Questar (Aaron), G.O.A.T (Christopher), Big Baby (Matthew) (Loud,Salient,Momentous) – @N/A
ABCYounganCash (Not that much) – @ABCYoungan Cash
D Saints: Questar (Aaron), G.O.A.T (Christopher), Big Baby (Matthew) (Loud,Salient,Mometous) – @N/A
Jyiara (rap) – @dont have 1
Rotate (Soulfull, funked up and Dance you ass of.) – @LindaPtursdtti1
Mel Tres (Loud Extreme Awsome) – @meltres
deadline dork ( Extraordinary) – @@deadline.dork_999
Lil Clip (Powerful,Young,Legend) – @LilClip9
MicahxMicah (High,sometimes low,soul) – @Micah
MicahxMicah (High,sometimes low,soul) – @Micah
MicahxMicah (High,sometimes low,soul) – @Micah
Dylan Van dusen (Fun , cool , happy ) – @Dylan Van dusen
Rhythmic Thoughts (Nu-Metal with Breakdowns) – @thigames3
YBRhellboi (fire,lit,emo) – @nawfsidejay
nigga fuck man (pp ass poop) – @poop