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We’re really pleased to add the following artists to our record label.
They are no longer “unsigned” artists. You should check them out.

Kevinword$ (Alternative ) – @@kevinwords_
Jahnavi Jackson (Pop & KPop) – @jahnavijackson
lil k (Rap hip hop trap ) – @N/A
pH pHoenypedo (groovy and informative) – @phoenypedo
Shuriken Beat (Heavy Psychedelic Dark ) – @BeatShuriken
Devin Noonan (Good rapping and interesting ) – @124
LiL Icey (Lyrical,mumble,chill) – @LiL Icey
LiL Icey (Lyrical,mumble,chill) – @None
Lové (Bright Amusing and Stunner) – @Duhhdezena
Le'Des (Crazy Goofy Loving) – @The0fficialledes3x
Lamborghini famous (Rockstar) – @@hotg_
Ygkooly305 (Unique ) – @Ygkooly1017
dmoney (Swag Juice Raw) – @dmoney52196678
dmoney (swag juice raw) – @dmoney52196678
Punk Rock Pat (punk, folk punk, alternative) – @punk_rock_pat
GETTOEbaby (Rap/r and b) – @@gettoebaby
Gettoebaby (Hip Hop Music) – @@JMCD
Ronnie Farmer Nation (Hype Music And Expressing My Music ) – @RonnieFarmerNa1@
KaLo FrenZy (KLZ) –