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This is the record deal. Here is where you sign at the bottom – and then you will no longer be an “unsigned artist”. Excited? Let’s get started.

There’s no fine print, but before you sign this thing you should know the deal. Here’s what you’re agreeing to.
This is what we won’t do.
And this is who we are.


I/We, the undersigned, agree to sign at the bottom of this contract by ticking a box.

I/We understand that signing to Any And All Records as our record label obligates nobody to anything.

I/We understand that we may use the Any And All Records logo on any promotional piece of communication about our music.

I/We agree to stop calling ourselves “unsigned” and to encourage others not to use that term.

I/We understand that if we want to go sign to some other record label, that’s all cool. We totally get that this contract will instantly expire the moment we decide we want to go do that. We think it’s cool that this is completely non-exclusive.

I/We understand that there is no small print, and nobody’s being tricked into anything here. No money will change hands and nobody’s situation or rights are different than they were before we agreed to this.

I/We promise to do our best to go and be awesome to the best of our ability.


    Your Name

    Your band name/stage name

    How would you describe the noise you make in 3 words?

    Your Email

    Your URL (with the http:// bit, please)

    Your Twitter name (without the '@' please)

    Your Country

    Your City

    Your Postcode

    I/We agree to all this stuff above:

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    NOTE: We’re only asking for email and location details simply because we thought it might be nice to meet up with Any And All Records artists when we’re in town somewhere. We won’t contact you for any other reasons, unless we think of a really good one that you’ll totally like.

    It’s completely optional to put any of that stuff in.